An introduction to chi kung exercises

Chi kung exercises


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your elbows rounded and knees soft. Inhale and raise your arms above your head, with the backs of your hands facing each other. As you exhale, slowly move your arms out to their respective side, palms facing out and squat down low. Keep your arms moving around in a circle so that your hands meet in front of your knees. Once there, breathe in, rise into an upright position, simultaneously bringing your arms up passing in front of the centre of your body. Keep raising your hands till they are above your head. Repeat this sequence for one minute.


With your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at shoulder level at their respective sides, breathe in, slightly turn and stretch to the right so that your left heel raises off the floor. Simultaneously, bring your left arm down, passing in front and close to your body and stretch to the left, palm facing upwards. Stretch that arm out to slightly above shoulder level. Simultaneously, bring your right arm towards the back to shoulder level, palm facing down. On the exhalation breath, turn your hand so the palm is down, pass the left arm down in front of your body and move it towards the back on the left, palm down. Bend the knees slightly as your arms change side, drop your left heel and raise the right heel. Simultaneously, the right arm swings from the back and stretches out to the left, just above shoulder level. As it passes the front of your body, invert the palm to face up. Repeat for one minute.


Standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart, squat slightly, bring your hands low in front of you, palms facing up so they meet by the middle fingers. Raise your arms, fingers still touching and rise. When your hands are at chest level, start to invert them so the palms will be facing up when you raise your arms above your head. Exhale, push arms up, squat down slightly. Maintain this position through two breathing cycles. On the third exhalation breath, rise up, separate the hands, curve them out to their respective sides, squat down and bring them to meet low in front of you. Repeat for one minute.

Finish with Balancing of chi.

There are other exercises such as Archer shoots arrow; Passing the ball; Touch the sea, look at the sky. Chi kung exercises can be performed in any sequence. Just start and finish with Balancing of chi.


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