An introduction to chi kung exercises

Chi kung exercises – Opening Form

As with all chi kung exercises, ensure that you retain that awareness of your moves, breaths and your mental focus. Every time you breathe in, touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue. If you are unable to keep the connection during the exhalation as well, ensure you do it with every inhalation. Connecting your tongue with the roof of your mouth completes the internal pathway, optimising the flow of chi.


After the warm up exercises, the first chi kung form is the Opening Form.

With your arms by your side, palms facing inwards, inhale gently and raise your arms to the sides till they reach about shoulder level, palms facing down. Keep the shoulders down. On the exhalation, bring your arms down, palms facing down, to your side. On the next inhalation, with your palms facing in, raise your arms till they are at chest level. While still inhaling, rotate the palms so that they are facing down and retract your arms closer to your chest. Exhale and press your palms down. Flow directly into the repetition by bringing your arms to your sides. Repeat this sequence three times.


On the inhalation, raise your hands in front of you to chest level, palms facing in, and retract your arms, palms facing towards you, so that your fingertips meet at the heart centre. With the exhalation, expand the chest by bringing the shoulder blades together. Simultaneously bring your arms out to your side at shoulder level, with the palms facing forward. On the next in-breath, extend your arms back in front of you at chest level, palms facing in. Continuing that inhalation, rotate your palms to face down and retract your arms towards your chest. Exhale and press down. Flow smoothly into a repetition by raising your hands in front of you. Repeat three times.


Maintain the same stance as in the former exercises. Through all the moves, keep the elbows soft. Inhale and raise your hands above your head, palms facing in. On the exhalation, lower your left hand, palm facing up, to your left side, shoulder level, and turn to face it. Simultaneously, shift your weight to your right leg so that your left leg is straight. When you inhale, simultaneously execute the following. Raise your left hand to meet the other hand above your head, turn your head forward and adjust your weight to be equal on both legs. On the next inhalation, repeat as before but with your right side. Repeat each set a further three times.


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